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POSDRU D.M.I. 2.3,


CENTRAS  is working on POSDRU D.M.I. 2.3 project, "Access and participation to continuous lifelong learning", aiming at assuring access to opportunities for unqualified employees in the eight regions of Romania, in order to develop specialized activities in social sector"

Target: Unspecialized men and women from Romania's urban areas, NGOs' personnel working with disadvantaged persons who are willing to obtain qualifications in order to  work in these  areas.

Proposed training courses:

-          Social  workers

-          Children caretaker

-          Caretaker for old people(  at their residence)

-          Caretaker for sick people(at their residence)

-          Social pedagogue

Length of courses:

-          For participants with  previous experience which can be evaluated (recommendation) - 360 hours

-          For participants with no  previous  experience - 720 hours ( theory and practice after program hours )

The courses are free of charge, authorized by The National Council for Adults' professional formation. Graduated participants will receive qualifications certificates recognized on Romanian and European labor market.