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Online Donations for Romanian NGOs


Project Description

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, CENTRAS - Assistance Centre for NGOs, together with GECAD ePayment and Webdev, companies are taking part in a creative and innovative new funding opportunity for Romanian NGOs: an online donation service.

Thanks to this online donation service, any institution or individual will be able to electronically transfer money from his or her credit card to the organization they choose/like. It will no longer be necessary to travel to the NGO's office, or deal with bureaucracy. This program involves targeted funding!


To whom does this service address?

First of all, to friends of the NGO's, who don't know how to quickly and easily donate money. This mechanism is direct and easily accessible, both for Romanian and foreign donors.

Secondly, it addresses those persons who wish to support the initiatives of civil society by allowing them to select an organization that they consider worthwhile. Descriptions of projects and organizations are available on the web-page www.onlinedonations.ro[1]. The presentations of each organization will have been evaluated and selected by an evaluation committee. Visitors and potential donors will be able to use a search engine with the following search options: field of activity, type of beneficiary, as well as geographic areas.


What does the service look like?

The web site www.onlinedonations.ro contains a database of organizations, with detailed information about their activity and a set of arguments to plead for their cause. The information is available in Romanian, as well as in English. Once a potential donor has made the decision to donate, they will be able to make an online donation by following a simple procedure.

After deciding what amount of money to donate, the donor can pay through Visa or MasterCard and GECAD ePayment will process the payments.

At the end of each month, the sums collected on site through the credit card payment will be transferred by CENTRAS to the accounts of every organization, which will directly profit. The bank account payments are managed entirely by each organization.

The organization is obliged to quarterly update its description - in order for others to observe its evolution. And for donations higher than 1500 RON (aprox. 500 EUR) the NGO must publish a financial report to indicate how the donated money has been utilized.


Who benefits by this service?

Romanian NGOs are the ones benefiting from this program. To register on the site, they have to fill in a registration form and to attach a number of documents that will offer more information about the organization (photographs; the last annual activity report - both narrative and financial; if possible, reference letters from donors, partners or other relevant parts able to stand for the quality of the organization/project).

The registration on CENTRAS database is based on eligibility criteria, as potential donors need all the information they can get. An independent evaluation committee will evaluate all candidates. The ones selected will be included in the opening version of www.onlinedonations.ro.

Once selected, the organizations' forms appear on the web site. The organizations must quarterly update the information and, if they receive donations larger than 1500 RON (aprox. 500 EUR), they must make a financial report on the funds spent.


Making the project work:

The collaboration between CENTRAS, GECAD ePayment and Webdev represents the program's basis. The presence of the Ministry of Culture, as a patron institution, is a warranty for the credibility of the whole program.

CENTRAS is responsible for the quality of the information on the website. CENTRAS handles the process of selecting organizations, the information gathering, and attends the project evaluation activity of the jury.

GECAD is responsible for the online donations performing system, which includes, first of all, the soft section and site integration of the mechanism, and secondly the data security system.

Webdev is responsible for the design of the website and of the database, for hosting it, and for promoting it on the Internet search engines.


What kind of cards can be used?

Donors can make payments with any VISA or MasterCard, debit or credit, for which the issuing bank of the card authorizes Internet transactions. The payment is made in the 3D - Secure system, and is Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode. It does not matter if the card is Romanian or international, or the normal currency associated with the card, the sums will be charged in the equivalent of ROL/RON, according to the bank exchange currency VISA/MasterCard.

For more information, please contact us at CENTRAS,

phone: + 4 021 223 0010, 223 0011,

fax: + 4 021 223 0012,

e-mail donatiionline@centras.ro,

contact person: Sinziana Olteanu, project coordinator.