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What we do..

CENTRAS was established in 1995, with the mission to contribute to the development of democracy in Romania by strengthening the non-profit sector. For the past 10 years CENTRAS has been a strategic partner and resource for all types of NGOs and various groups of citizens, public administration, funders, international organizations, media and private companies.

CENTRAS is an independent nonprofit organization with more than 10 years of experience providing training, technical assistance, and informational support to communities, NGOs, businesses, and governments interested in civil society and democracy development. CENTRAS has a branch in Constanta (the second largest county in Romania) and supports a network of regional resource centers.

CENTRAS supports the associative sector, both at the national and local levels. CENTRAS focuses on practical projects, keeping close contact with its main beneficiaries - the NGOs - and constantly assessing their needs and adapting to their state of development.

Our strategic directions are:

- development of the associative sector capacity

- communication and promotion of the associative sector results

- democracy development

CENTRAS is one of the most active Romanian NGOs. The results of its actions continuously improve the associative sector, both at national and local level. As an information provider, its services are continuously requested not only by NGOs, but also by public administration, media, citizens and international organizations. Being also focused on international networking and regional partnership, CENTRAS is a member of the Orpheus Network of European Resource Centers and member of the Citizens' Pact for South Eastern Europe.