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CENTRAS – “The Assistance Center for Nongovernmental Organizations” was established in 1995 as a continuation of the I.F.E.S.’s “Civic Voice” project,  with the mission to contribute to the development of democracy in Romania by strengthening the non-profit sector. For the past 10 years CENTRAS has been a strategic partner and resource for all types of NGOs, local and national, and for various groups of citizens, public administration, founders, international organizations, media and private companies. Centras is particularly focused on developing international and regional networking, and is therefore a member of the Orpheus Network of European Resource Centers and member of the Citizens' Pact for South Eastern Europe.  



Facts and figures:

 - hosting and organizing of the NGO National Forum in Romania (11 consecutive editions, 150-200 participants each year)- publishing of over 100 editions of “Atitudini” – the NGO’s magazine

- establishment and maintenace of a national network of 5 regional centers

- the creation of a bilingual, interactive, free NGO data-base, with more than 750 entries

- organizing over 170 seminars and trainings on 12 diferent topics- two promotion campaigns on the role and importance of the non-profit sector “Bridging the Gap” and “Evrika – On the forces of association”

- ten radio episodes “People for people” for Radio Romania Actualitati (The Romanian public radio), five TV-episodes “Behind the dream” for the morning ProTV show and a training pack – “NGOs and Mass Media” (1000 copies), together with Civil Society Developemet Foundation and BBC World.

- coordinating 6 campaigns of public awarness on child abandonment

- editing 4 NGO manuals ( Practical Guide for PR workers in NGO’s; Lobbing, support and public awarness for NGO’s; The management of public-private partnerships; Efficiency in working with the Board of Directors)

- managing an intership program for 24 journalism students hence creating the premesis for future journalists with direct involvement in promoting civic values and principles.

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